My Last Food Splurge

I have been on a food binge since the holiday started, so for New Years I decided to have one last food splurge. One of my favorite restaurants is Bobby Flay Steak in the Borgata and I really love the Philadelphia Style Strip Steak. Which is served with a provolone cheese sauce and caramelized onions. I couldn’t think of a better way to blow calories than on a nice thick steak covered in creamy cheese sauce. Yummy!

I started with lovely porterhouse steaks from Whole Foods and rubbed them with a spice blend of :

kosher salt
dry mustard
chile powder
brown sugar
dried oregano
ground cumin

I seared them in a cast iron skillet and finished them in the oven. For the sauce I used a basic Bechamel sauce and added some parmesan and cheddar. I also cooked down a sweet onion in a little butter for about 40 min.  And the finished product:

It was sooooo good!!!!

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