Color My Kitchen

Here’s a few things to brighten up your kitchen!

Divine Plastic Cutlery Set. Available at Property Furniture

Kuhn Rikon Small Santoku and Mini Prep Knife available Here

Make some cute and colorful french macaroons. Visit Melanger to Mix for a How To.

Glass Hourglass with Apple Green Sand by Z Gallerie

Picking Pansies Oven Mitt and Pot Holder. Available at Anthropologie

Hermes Ulysse MM for taking notes and for keeping your recipes. Available at Hermes

Fauchon Champs Elysees Gift Box. Don’t worry if you won’t be in Paris anytime soon. US Shipping is available @ Fauchon for some items unfortunately not the macaroons.

Tetsubin Tea Cups. Available at Stash Tea

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