Campo de’ Fiori

This trip to Rome I was able to visit the open market at Campo de’ Fiori. This market has items like fresh fruit and veggies, flowers, cheese, wine, and  kitchen accessories. While visiting the market we found a sandwich shop, Baccanale, which is worth the trip to Campo de’ Fiori alone. If you are a pork lover, you have to try the porchetta sandwich! A lot of the items at the market are perishable, but if you are looking for something nice to take home, try some pecorino or parmesan from the cheesemonger. The cheese can be vacuum sealed for travel. Make sure you make room in your suitcase for a nice chunk!

Fresh pomegranate juice so good!

This sandwich shop is a must. We tried the prosciutto with mozzarella and the porchetta

The pics do not do the sandwiches any justice. I wanted try it so bad I almost forgot to snap a pic!

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