Tuscan Wine Society Tour: Lunch at Dario’s

After the first winery, we headed to lunch at Dario Cecchini’s. Dario is known as the butcher of Panzano and I was so excited to eat there! Arriving at the butcher shop there was salami, bread, and Chianti butter (fresh pork fat mixed with a dash a vinegar, rosemary, garlic, salt and pepper) and lots of wine. I didn’t think I would be a huge fan of the Chianti butter, but it was delicious! I couldn’t resist having three pieces of bread slathered with it. I’m sure eating pure pork fat is not the best thing for you, so I stopped at three.

After our appetizers, we enjoyed a small tasting menu and a little grappa before heading off to the second winery.

Beef Tartare and Chianti Tuna (it’s really pork)


Meatloaf with Sweet Chili Sauce

Olive Oil Cake and Espresso

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