New Orleans 2014


Now on to the food. There are so many great restaurants and bars in New Orleans you really can’t go wrong. I love oysters so that’s the first thing I order and they’re on every menu! We had a list of places to visit, but only got to a few on our list and you can only eat so much in a day. We went to one of our favorites from last year, Deanie’s. Their fried seafood platter is amazing, but being that we were there for lunch, we opted for something a little smaller. You can find pics of the seafood platter here and some of the other food from last year.

deanie's oyster po boyOyster Po Boy

deanie's soft shell crab po boy Soft Shell Crab Po Boy

deanie's shrimp po boyShrimp Po Boy

My mother’s friend also had the gumbo. Sorry I didn’t get a pic, but she said it was delicious and her favorite from the trip. The po boys were really tasty, but I have to say they were not my favorite. I’ll get to those later. After lunch, we headed to Erin Rose bar. This was on my list so that I could try the po boys they sell in the back at Killer Po Boys but I settled for drinks and we made it just in time to catch some of their happy hour.

erin rose frozen coffeeFrozen Irish Coffee. So Good!

bartender Evan Erin RoseOur Bartender Evan

erin rose mardi gras beads

If you’re looking for a fun low key place to hang out, definitely stop by Erin Rose. You can’t beat a $3 mimosa either.

lucky dogLate Night Snack at Lucky Dog

felids new orleans

Now on to my favorite po boys! Felix’s has some of the best food that I had in New Orleans. Now, this is not a fancy place, it’s very simple but the food is great and the service is fast. It’s directly across from Acme so if the line is too long there head over to Felix’s.

felixs fried crab clawsFried Carb Fingers

felixs char grilled oystersChar-grilled Oysters

felixs oyster po boy and shrimp etouffeeOyster Po Boy and Shrimp Etouffe

The catfish po boy and the jambalaya was great as well.  Definitely give Felix’s a try if you’re in New Orleans. We also tried Port of Call. You get a huge baked potato with your burger which was good. The burger was just ok. Can’t say that I would go back. Honestly, the baked potato was the best part of the meal.

Port of Call BurgerCheeseburger and Baked Potato

beignets cafe du mondeHad to have Beignets from Cafe du Monde

Our last day we tried K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen for lunch. They have a deli style menu set for lunch where you order at the counter and is less formal than dinner. The food was very rich and flavorful. I enjoyed my dish of shrimp grillades and grits. The cheese grits came in the form of a fried grit cake with bacon incorporated throughout.

artwork at k pauls Artwork at K-Pauls, Recipe for Shrimp Remoulade

k pauls shrimp grillades and gritsNew Orleans Shrimp Grillades with Applewood Bacon Cheddar Cheese Grits

k pauls chicken and aduille gamboChicken and Andouille Gumbo

k pauls dancing shrimp saladDancing Shrimp, Fresh Tomato and Provolone Cheese Salad

For dinner, we chose GW Fins. This restaurant has lots of rave reviews and is listed as the number one restaurant in the French Quarter on Tripadvisor. Hmmm, what to say about GW Fins. The wait staff was very attentive and made sure we always had a fresh biscuit if need and I enjoyed the variety of the wine list. The food was very fresh, but lacked a bit of seasoning. Their “famous” biscuits were tasty but a bit dry in my opinion but if you put enough butter on anything it will taste good! If visiting New Orleans, skip GW FIns. I hate to say that, but I was a little sad that it was my last meal in New Orleans.

gw fins biscuitBiscuit

gw fins smoked oystersSmoked Sizzling Oysters

gw fins parmesan crusted sheepsheadParmesan Crusted Sheepshead

gw fins scalibutScalibut (Halibut topped with sliced scallops)

We completed our last night at the Carousel Bar in our hotel. We finally had a chance to find a table since the crowds from Mardi Gras had died down. A live jazz band was featured that night making it the perfect end to a great vacation.

carousel bar new orleansThe Carousel (takes 15min to complete a full turn)

carousel bar hurricaneHurricane

carousel bar artworkSome of the  Artwork

carousel bar sazerac Sazerac

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2 thoughts on “New Orleans 2014

  1. That oyster Po’ Boy looks amazing! Those char-grilled oysters, and the apple wood bacon and cheddar grits looks good too! I am getting ready to text my flight attendant homegirl right now to plan a trip to the NO! I’ve heard so much about the food down there, now I’ve seen with my own eyes! Just WOW!

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