Norwegian Getaway Part 2

I really enjoyed the food on the Norwegian Getaway. As I said in the previous post, you really don’t need to spend the extra on specialty dining. However, we did try Ocean Blue on the Waterfront and the dinner show at the Illusionarium. There are 28 dining option on the ship, 10 being complimentary. The buffet always had lots of choices and the chefs are constantly cooking items so the food is not sitting for very long. The main dining rooms are also very nice. Two offer the same menu daily and the third has a few different items and offers entertainment on most nights. Here’s a few pics!

calamari ocean blueCalamari from Ocean Blue

crab toast ocean blueCrab Toast from Ocean Blue

norwegian getaway breakfast buffetMy Favorite Breakfast from the Buffet, Waffles with Strawberry Sauce and Whipped Cream

norwegian getaway breakfast buffetBiscuits and Gravy and the Buffet

cheese plate norwegian getawayA Little Snack form the Buffet

burger and fries norwegian getaway buffetBurger and Fries form the Buffet

lobster norwegian getaway buffetLobster from the Buffet (lobster night was the second night of the cruise)

chateaubriand norwegian getaway Chateaubriand from one of Main Dining Rooms

entertainment at tropicana room norwegian getawayEntertainment at Tropicana Room

crab cakes tropicana room norwegian getaway Crab Cake Appetizer Tropicana Room

norwegian getaway illusionarium menuIllusionarium Menu

shrunken head in the IllusionariumShrunken head inside the Illusionarium

potato leek soup norwegian getawayPotato Leek Soup in one of the Main Dining Rooms

short rib norwegian getaway Short Ribs and Crispy Shrimp at one of the Main Dining Rooms

red velvet cake norwegian getawayRed Velvet Cake at one of the Main Dining Rooms

Stay tuned for part three to check out some of the shore excursions and a little bit of Miami.

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