Rhone Valley

A few weeks ago I visited the Rhone Valley for a few tours and tastings. The weather was absolutely perfect which made the trip even more amazing.We began our trip in Cote-Rotie and worked our way south. We visited a range of wineries in size and had the chance to meet with some of the wine makers adding a personal touch. On our last day we had lunch on the terrace of Chateau des Dines Roches which has to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.


DSC_0223Stephane Ogier

DSC_0230.JPGDSC_0244DSC_0251Bistrot de Serineimag2040Domaine Georges Vernayimag2087imag2115imag2118M. Chapoutierimag2126imag2166imag2185imag2208imag2214imag2275imag2298imag2220Chateau des Fines Rochesimag2226imag2237imag2241imag2239imag2246imag2249imag2265

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