I Miss the Old Kanye

  • Wine: Yves Cuilleron Syrah “Les Vignes d’a Cote” 2016
  • Region: Rhone Valley, Vin de France
  • Grape: Syrah

Mini rant:

Kanye has been one of my favorite artist for many years. I am use to defending his antics and have stood by his musical journey. I have a pair of Yeezy’s, I’ve been to many shows, I even liked Yeezus! But his latest twitter rants and love professed to 45 is something I can not begin to understand or defend. I expect more from someone who’s words reach so many and has influence to sway the minds of others.

Ok rant over, now to the wine.

And just like Kanye, I expected a bit more from this wine. This is an entry level Syrah from the wonderful producer Cuilleron. This wine is a great value and offers notes of blackberry, spice, and fresh herbs. It’s very light and has nice bright acidity that will make it a great pairing for everyday meals, think burgers, bbq, charcuterie. While it’s very nice, I was expecting something bigger and bolder. It’s a softer side of Syrah and is definitely worth a try. Grab a bottle and pour a little out for the old Kanye. Santé


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