My blog began in 2011 as Pretty Girls Cook. After attending Le Cordon Bleu Paris for Wine and Management, I have re vamped the site to include wine and also a original recipes and travel  as seen on Pretty Girls Cook. I want to share all the things I love and hope you enjoy! Wine. Food. Fun. That’s what it’s all about. Santé


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  1. Hey, I see you’re right across the bridge in Philly – I’m over here in South Jersey, just off the base of the Walt Whitman Bridge…now I must go look at your Addiction Studios link.

  2. I think the concept of this blog is so great, it’s like a response to something I’ve bitched about many times, lol. Perfect example, I asked a pretty-on-the-outside-woman the other day if she knew how to cook and she rolled her eyes at me and said “No.” I asked her why she said it so smugly and she said “I don’t cook, I have people cook for me.” I mean, beyond the fact that it was a total turn off that made me want to grab some purell after I walked away from her in mid sentence, it really hit me. She is just one of many many women I’ve met who can’t cook and have no desire to learn. Was there a point where people got together and decided cooking for yourself or others was an act of submission? First off, from a scientific standpoint, whoever controls the food IS the dominant figure in any scenario… so that’s just six different kinds of stupid, two of which are illegal in New York. Honestly, it sounds more like pure laziness and an inability to take care of yourself. Beyond that it’s also a sign of a person who doesn’t really take in the pleasures of the world around her. The most basic things bring the most fulfilling pleasure and cooking with someone is high up on the list. Anyway, I got off on tangents, lol, excellent blog.

  3. Heyyyyyyy Pretty Girl!!!!!!!! Love the recipes and the shrimp scampi pizza sounds delicious. Dad is proud of you and so am I. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May God continue to bless you always!!!!! Your Sister.

  4. Loved your Florence entry! Italy has some of the best food on earth. My grandmother came from the north of Italy and she was an awesome cook. Thanks for jogging my childhood memories!

  5. Loving this blog. I am a girly girl, who is told she is pretty? I dont know but I have to say I love food too- check out my I love Food page of my Blog x

  6. Pretty is as pretty does- pretty in all things. I am such a foodie. For me food is so much more than eating. I look for a total experience; visual, taste and delivery. This blog as provided a complete experience for me- visual, everything looks delicious and the delivery…..PRETTY.

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