Lillet Grapefruit Sparkler

This is the perfect drink for Spring! The temps are rising and this drink is cool and refreshing. The grapefruit cuts some of the sweetness of the Lillet and a little bit of bubbly makes everything better.

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Green Tea Cherry Margarita

You can usually find me with a glass of wine or bubbly, but when the weather starts to get warm I love a good margarita. I received some amazing Fleur de Geisha tea from Le Palais des Thés. The tea is inspired by the Japanese Hanami tradition of cherry blossom viewing and is a refined Japanese green tea delicately flavored with cherry blossom. Once again, I was unable to find fresh/frozen cherries anywhere so I used black cherry juice instead. Freezing the tea and cherry juice ahead of time yields a nice frothy margarita without it being watered down by ice.

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Beach Treat: Stuffed Pretzels and White Sangria

I was at the beach for a few days so I wanted to make a little bite size snack that would travel well and of course a cocktail! I stuffed my pretzels with onion jam, gruyere, and ham. I also made a herb de provence dijon mustard. These little guys are so perfect for beach snacking, way better than a big sandwich. As for the cocktail, cool refreshing sangria with a little something special with the addition of St~Germain. I just have to say I am totally obsessed with St~ Germain. I just love it!  It adds great flavor to so many drinks. A definite staple for your bar.

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Chocolate Stout Float

Just wanted to share a a quick recipe for a drink I made with the bourbon vanilla ice cream. Just add two scoops of ice cream to your glass. Add a shot of bourbon and top with your choice of double chocolate stout, I used Young’s. Finish with whipped cream and caramel. If you think my whipped cream looks a little funny, It does. I took my eye of the mixer for a second and it was over whipped! Even with the over whipped whipped cream, it was still tasty. This is a serious grown up float! More posts coming soon!