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Summer Tea and Wine Punch


It’s hot on the East Coast, I mean really hot! Even in this weather it’s still nice to enjoy a refreshing cocktail. I received some new XL iced tea bags from Le Palais des Thés that I waned to put to good use. They are perfect for hot weather because no boiling water is require, just steep for 30 minutes and your done. Of course we need some spirits, I opted for Bolla Pinot Grigio and a little rum. Fresh peaches, mango, and strawberries give this drink a light fresh taste that will quench your thirst on the hottest of days.

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Tuscan Wine Society Tour: Lunch at Dario’s

After the first winery, we headed to lunch at Dario Cecchini’s. Dario is known as the butcher of Panzano and I was so excited to eat there! Arriving at the butcher shop there was salami, bread, and Chianti butter (fresh pork fat mixed with a dash a vinegar, rosemary, garlic, salt and pepper) and lots of wine. I didn’t think I would be a huge fan of the Chianti butter, but it was delicious! I couldn’t resist having three pieces of bread slathered with it. I’m sure eating pure pork fat is not the best thing for you, so I stopped at three.

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Tuscan Wine Society Tour: Fattoria Corzano e Paterno

The wine tour by the Tuscan Wine Society was the highlight of our trip! We chose this particular tour because of lunch at Dario Cecchini’s, the butcher of Panzano.  Our trip included two wineries with tastings of cheese, olive oil, chocolate and of course wine. The first stop was Fattoria Corzano e Paterno. A this location we tasted a selection of fresh cheese made from sheep’s milk, olive oil, and three types of wine.

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As you can see from the pic, Florence was very rainy and surprisingly chilly when we arrived. We were even there for the earthquake! Despite the wet weather, we enjoyed our time there especially our wine tour, which is coming in a later post. I was excited for Florence because our hotel is conveniently located to a market with a large wine selection. It’s a little overwhelming because there is so much to choose from. They have a great selection of wines starting around 1.50 euro. The cheapest wines are in the individual boxes, but full size bottles start around 2.50 euro. The bottles I purchased were 2.69, 3.94, 7.14, and 15.58 euro for the Brunello, not a bad deal!

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